• Desert Rose - Amy Basingstoke
  • Desert Rose - Amy Basingstoke
  • Desert Rose - Amy Basingstoke

Desert Rose

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Intuition, Calming, Perception

Desert Rose is a great choice when seeking mental clarity and will help you embrace life and all of its possibilities.  Desert Roses are said to contain a spirit guardian, and each one is different. Because of this, they are useful as protective talismans and can increase your own self-confidence and self-worth.

A Desert Rose is a selenite gypsum that occurs naturally.  It’s most often the combination of Selenite and Barite and forms a mass through a process of moisture condensation.  This mass is then subjected to the elements present around it, like wind erosion and sand. What forms after is the Desert Rose.  It resembles a cluster of rose petals, and its colors can range from brown, tan, cream, to white.

Primary Chakra: Root (1st)
Secondary Chakra: Crown (7th)
Element:  Wind
Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Scorpio, Taurus

Ways to work with Desert Rose:


  • Enhancing psychic and intuitive abilities
  • Communicating with angels and spirit guides
  • Connecting with Christ Consciousness
  • Deepening meditation to connect with higher self
  • Past life recall
  • Dispelling negativity


  • Increasing creativity
  • Overcoming shyness
  • Overcoming phobias
  • Coping with grief
  • Letting go of old behaviors / patterns


  • Relieving travel sickness
  • Relieving back pain
  • Aiding with chronic fatigue
  • Supporting the skeletal system
  • Easing PMS




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