• Clearing & Vibrational Sprays Bundle - Amy Basingstoke
  • Clearing & Vibrational Sprays Bundle - Amy Basingstoke
  • Clearing & Vibrational Sprays Bundle - Amy Basingstoke

Clearing & Vibrational Sprays Bundle

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The combination of these two sprays will allow you to clear your sacred space, cleanse your crystals, and manifest your intentions! 

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Receive one EACH of the following sprays:

SACRED SMUDGE (Clearing/Cleansing Spray)

We created our Sacred Smudge Vibrational Spray because sometimes we need to a little assistance to clear our energetic space, and burning a smudge isn’t always practical. Our Sacred Smudge Spray carries a sweet, woody aroma, and lends a grounding energy to clear and cleanse your space.

Made with the rare oil of the Palo Santo tree (Bursera graveolens), which translates in Spanish as “holy wood", our Sacred Smudge Vibrational Spray helps to center and anchor the attention, allowing negative and distracting energies to fall away.

Historically, people have burned pieces of Palo Santo as a smudge to lend its healing properties and for its potential to ward off negative energy. Rich in terpenes such as limonene and α-terpineol, Palo Santo is considered a cousin to Frankincense and Myrrh. Unlike these precious well-renowned sacred resins, Palo Santo oil is distilled from the aged heartwood found within the trunk of the tree. It is due to its powerful chemical makeup that this essential oil has been used for centuries for its healing, calming, and cleansing capabilities.

Sacred Smudge spray can be used to clear a space, and also to cleanse yourself and others as well as your sacred objects (including crystals). It assists by raising the vibration and creating an elevated field which can be a great way to center yourself, and open your space and attention, also wonderful for meditation.

Ingredients: Palo Santo Essential Oil, Rose Flower Essence, Organic Witch Hazel, Water, Celtic Sea Salt, Black Tourmaline Chips.


MANIFESTATION MIST (Vibrational Spray)

Get ready to reset your energy and manifest your deepest desires…This mist is a potent tool for abundance-conjuring magic! 

Our Manifestation Mist is a special vibrational spray that is perfect for clearing energy and preparing your space for your utmost desires to manifest.  Created with a powerful blend of essential oils that carry the essence of abundance, joy, magic, and protection, and then infused with chips of Citrine (the Abundance Stone), this spray can help your deepest intentions flow through with ease.  Use your Manifestation Mist to clear and stabilize your sacred space, including your sacred altar, and in preparation for daily meditation.

Manifestation is a natural energetic component in which we engage with our life experience and potential. Creating a daily routine of acknowledging the abundance and prosperity already present in your life will create and call to more abundance and prosperity being attracted and actualized in your life.

Contains 100% pure essential oils of Black Pepper, Cardamom, Davana, and Pink Grapefruit, this spray has a softly sweet punch of power and spice.  The spray also contains Rose Flower Essence (optional).

Ingredients: Blend of Essential Oils, Rose Flower Essence, Organic Witch Hazel, Water, Celtic Sea Salt, Citrine Chips.

NOTE: This item can be ordered without the Rose Flower Essence for those with flower sensitivities.