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  • Aragonite - Amy Basingstoke


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Grounding, Balancing, Strength

Aragonite, a powerful earth healer, is an excellent choice for relieving stress as it helps to ground you.  It is a powerful ally for the healing and balancing of the emotional body since it carries a strong energy of centering.  Meditating with Aragonite can open the inner eye for visionary experiences of past lives. It can also help you focus and make good decision during times of emotional stress.  If you are feeling down, Aragonite can help lift your spirits. For those who do crystal healing work, it is a great diagnostic tool to use with body layouts.

Aragonite was discovered in 1978 in the Aragon River in Spain, and this is how it got its name. Aragonite is usually mined in the USA, Poland, Italy, Germany, Austria, the UK, France, Spain, Namibia, Morocco, and Mexico.

Primary Chakra: Root (1st)
Secondary Chakra: Sacral (2nd)
Element:  Storm
Zodiac Signs: Capricorn

Ways to work with Aragonite:


  • Clearing the auric field, all chakras, and meridians
  • Connecting with higher self
  • Raising vibrations
  • Connecting with Kundalini energy


  • Emotional growth
  • Self-healing
  • Releasing attachments and old patterns
  • Relieving anger
  • Easing depression


  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Increasing stamina
  • Regenerating bone tissue
  • Reducing joint pain
  • Overall pain relief



Crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace medical treatment. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.

The stones and crystals that are pictured are for illustration purposes and the color descriptions of each stone are general. Semi-precious gemstones and crystals have natural color variations and each stone has its own unique color and character.  The stones that are shipped in your order will be very similar to the natural items pictured but will not be identical. The listing is for one (1) stone. All other items in the photos are photographic props.