Amy Basingstoke, CCH, CPC

The owner and creator of the Inner Crystal Shop is Amy Basingstoke.

The Inner Crystal Shop was formed out of deep meditation and connecting in with Amy's soul. Her product offerings are designed to energetically support people as they embark into a deeper, more meaningful journey in life.

In addition to the store, Amy is a Certified Crystal Healer and a Certified Spiritual Business Coach with more than 15 years of experience in online business development, online business management, web design, and event planning. She offers in-depth coaching packages for entrepreneurs and conscious individuals who wish to deepen their connection with their inner guidance system and enhance their quality of life.

Amy helps clients create environments of love so they can develop and grow within.  She has a gift in supporting people, who are on a spiritual path, to heal the emotional wounds and fully step into a life of wellness and abundance. She is able to accomplish this by helping her clients reconnect (or even discover) their inner sense of knowing.

Prior to earning her coaching certification, Amy dedicated much of her online entrepreneurial career to business management and development. While she experienced many successes and financial abundance in this field, in 2013 her personal world was shaken to its core and caused her to look deeper at her life and to question her path.

Since then, Amy has dedicated her professional life to helping people who are on a spiritual path activate their inner calling and realize their greatest dreams in conscious business development and life pursuits.  She assists her clients by helping them shift through patterns of restriction and helping them learn how to listen and trust their intuitive guidance system.

Her coaching programs are designed to help her clients realize their innermost gifts and actualize their personal and/or business goals. She also facilitates removing and maneuvering around any perceived roadblocks along the way.

Amy believes that we all enter our spiritual path at just the right time and her products and programs are intended to support her clients on their journey to actualizing their highest purpose and mission.

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