• Chalcopyrite (Peacock Ore) - Amy Basingstoke
  • Chalcopyrite (Peacock Ore) - Amy Basingstoke

Chalcopyrite (Peacock Ore)

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Perception, Self-Esteem, Protection

Chalcopyrite is also known as Peacock Ore because of its lovely iridescent green, blue, pink, purple, and gold colors that resemble the feathers of a peacock.  It is known as the Stone of the Mystic because it has the ability to open your crown chakra and your channels for the flow of information. Chalcopyrite is a crystal of innovation, flexibility, and creativity.  It is also a very uplifting crystal that will ground nervous energies and allow you to let go of your fears, worries, and stress.

Chalcopyrite is completely opaque and its colors come from the oxidation of copper and iron in the mineral.

Primary Chakra: Crown (7th)
Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Taurus

Ways to work with Chalcopyrite:


  • Removing energy blockages
  • Deepening meditation by clearing the mind
  • Enhances perception
  • Protecting a healer’s energy


  • Increasing self-confidence and self-worth
  • Decreasing feeling of worry and fear
  • Lessening feelings of judgement of others and of one’s self
  • Attracting money and abundance
  • Releasing guilt


  • Helping to locate lost items
  • Lowering the effects of fever and inflammation
  • Supporting the nervous system
  • Repairing DNA damage
  • Detoxifying the body




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