• Blue Calcite (Raw) - Amy Basingstoke
  • Blue Calcite (Raw) - Amy Basingstoke

Blue Calcite (Raw)

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Communication, Soothing, Psychic Ability

Blue Calcite is one of the most soothing stones to the emotional body.  It balances the energy of the Throat Chakra and removes blockages from the Third Eye.  A stone of inspiration, it can help one be more sensitive to the thoughts and ideas of others as well as giving strength to communicate about one’s spiritual journey.  Blue Calcite is a great choice when developing inner vision and clairvoyance. It can help one to be more sensitive to the thoughts of others and it enhances telepathy.  In addition, it can help clear the Throat chakra especially when one is feeling hesitant to share with others their spiritual journey.

Primary Chakra: Throat (5th)
Secondary Chakra: Third Eye (6th)
Element:  Fire, Air
Zodiac Signs: Pisces, Cancer

Ways to work with Blue Calcite:


  • Increasing psychic abilities
  • Astral travel
  • Promoting inner vision and dream work
  • Connecting with one’s muse


  • Calming the emotional body
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Relieving emotional pain
  • Dispelling negative energy
  • Overcoming writer’s or artist’s block


  • Healing respiratory system especially emphysema
  • Relieving headaches and migraines
  • Treating diseases of the eye such as cataracts
  • Calming an overactive mind